Good things come to those who wait...

Here we are. At long last: My little Málaga Homepage. Instead of asking me why it took me so long to set up this small site, rejoice and praise the Gods that I finally did it ;-)
But seriously, this is just a simple site to refresh our memories. For starters you will find a forum and very soon my photos I have taken plus those of Sandra and Moritz. Later on I plan that you can upload your own photos as well if you like. So sharing our photos will become a tad easier. And if I really am to fulfill my resolutions you are also about to find a video-clip.

Saturday, 15.09.07

News of future passed...

I don't intend to write a blog here or anything like it. But whenever I'll add some new text to this page, you'll find the previous text here.Field PictureSounds simple, doesn't it? More difficult will be to find the header's allusion to a great song of one of the greatest bands of the 60's and 70's. Know who I am hinting at? I'll bet it's easier for those of you who have a faible for white satin.

Solution: The Moody Blues and their 1967 album "Days of Future Passed"

Saturday, 15.09.07

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